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Pho Viet is a restaurant specializing in Pho dishes, located in one of the busiest tram stations in Tokyo city - C3 gate of ikebukuro station.
Since she was a student studying abroad in Japan, Yen, who loved the dishes of her homeland, fell into a situation where she could not enjoy the Vietnamese flavors. She was anxious and decided to collect all the savings she had spent during her university studies. She went back to Vietnam and traveled to the North and the North to set up Pho Viet restaurant.
It has been more than ten years since the idea came out. Now, Pho Viet with a staff of well-experienced chefs, who have been in the South to the North to learn the dishes with different regional flavors, Pho Viet proudly presents to friends on The world has over 80 unique dishes with Vietnamese flavor.

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Phở Việt - ikebukuro

Địa chỉ:Tokyo, Toshima-ku Nishi Ikebukuro 3-31-15 Royal Plaza II 4F

Điện thoại:03-3590-8788

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Phở Việt - oyama

Địa chỉ:Tokyo, itabashi-ku Oyama Higashi Chou 60-15 Ooshima Bld 2F

Điện thoại:03-3964-2266

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